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SilyCord Polyurethane System Advantages


There are many reasons to choose SilyCord

The back of the mosaic provides maximum adhesion with more than 95% adhesion surface. When special adhesive-joint products are used, it ensures that the application is completed in a single operation. It has nearly 100% joint area. The polyurethane network, which is not affected by the adhesive and is resistant to tearing, forms a ring between the mosaics, creating a ring between each mosaic after application. It ensures that the mosaic is tightly bonded to each other and eliminates the risk of spilling. It is applied quickly and easily thanks to its flexible plate structure and new plate size. It prevents workmanship errors during application. Until the adhesive dries, the plate can be removed from the applied area, cleaned and reapplied. It can be stored as good as the first day, under variable climatic conditions, for many years.

Euromosic's new mosaic carrier method; SilyCord system

With Euromosaic's new technology, SilyCord Polyurethane System, mosaics hold on to each other like chain links. SilyCord Polyurethane System, with its unbreakable, flexible and durable structure, ensures stronger adhesion of mosaics to the surfaces on which it is applied.


Today's innovation, tomorrow's indispensable

SilyCord; It is a system developed by Euromosaic using advanced technology for fast and perfect mosaic application. SilyCord provides 95% adhesion to the surface it will be adhered to, eliminating the risk of mosaic shedding.

Waterproof Moisture Proof

With the SilyCord system, the problem of the mosaics falling off the plates in case the mosaics with paper and mesh carriers get wet or get moisture is completely eliminated. As a result of the paper carrier system application; It prevents loss of time by preventing processes such as cleaning the remaining paper and glue traces on the mosaic surface, and repairing mosaics that have broken off from the plate during the removal of the papers. In dot carrier systems; Due to the inflexible material structure, products that are exposed to humidity and variable ambient temperature cannot be stored for a long time, causing damage to the plates during application. Thanks to its heat and moisture resistant polyurethane structure, SilyCord ensures that mosaics can be stored for a long time in all seasons, as good as the first day.


Perfect harmony of SilyCord and adhesive

The special adhesive used in SilyCord technology was developed by Euromosaic. This system promises you perfect application. 1.Flexible and can be applied to all surfaces 2.Easy to cut

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